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PIR. Food


01. Where To Stay

For ‘PIR. Food’ International exhibition participants and visitors as a part of special offer we recommend those hotels easy-to-reach with Crocus Expo IEC and providing high-quality service.

Manager: Shihanova Olga

Phone : +7 (499) 978-74-25, +7 (499) 255-32-46, +7 (909) 968-48-00
Fax : +7 (499) 255-32-46
E-mail: pir@nowgroup.ru

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02. Rules of Visiting

These rules are for all visitors and aimed at ensuring safety and comfortable stay of exhibitors and visitors during exhibition.

Exhibition venue and dates

September 23rd – 25th, 2014; open hours: 10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.;
September 26th: 10:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m.;
Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center (Myakinino subway station), pavilion #3, hall #15.
Rules of visiting the exhibition as organized groups of students are listed below

Persons to be admitted to the exhibition are those who have:

• individual e-ticket (free on-line registration until September 25th 00:00)
– one shall pass registration (insert an active hyperlink to the registration table), get an individual e-ticket sentby e-mail, print this ticket, exchange it to the visitor’s badge at the check-in desk (check-in areas are located infront of the entry to the exhibition halls #14 and #15).

Each individual e-ticket gives a right to get only one visitor’s badge.

During exhibition (September 23rd-26th, 2014) online registration is closed. Those visitors who will have no time to pass online registration until September 17th, 2014 00:00, can get to the exhibition having bought a ticket at the exhibition center’s booking offices in foe hall (pavilion #3) and filled up Visitor’s Form at the check-in desks.

• Invitation card: – attendees having this type of ticket shall fill up a form on a back of invitation and exchange it for the visitor’s badge at the check-in desk.

• Booking office card (one shall attach a filled up Visitor’s Form to the ticket; forms are available at the check-in desks in front of entries to exhibition halls) the counterfoil and form shall be exchanged for a badgeat the check-in desk.
Cost of ticket: 500 RUR.

• Business Program participant badge: — in order to get this type of badge, one shall book and pay visiting of paid exhibition events, pass registration at the Business Program check-in desk and get an individual Business Program participant badge.

• Press accreditation: mass media representatives shall pass registration at the MEDIA check-in desk (preliminary accreditation is necessary). Visit accreditation page.

• Organized groups of students can also visit the exhibition
Students are admitted to the exhibition by groups up to 15 persons STRICTLY accompanied by their teacher and shall walk across exhibition by groups. Relevant educational venues shall form the lists of groups of BEST pupils up to 15 students accompanied by 1–2 teachers; no more than 1–2 groups from one educational institution per day.
— list shall be done on official blank with seal and signature of chief executive.
— list shall contain all mobile phones of accompanying teachers for operative communication in case of emergency.
— list shall be sent to Exhibition Organizer by fax or e-mail vkk@pir.ru until September 20, 2014.
— original list shall be shown at the check-in desk by teacher accompanying group of students.
The group of students will be admitted to the exhibition only this way.
— teacher is responsible personally for the behavior of the group of students at exhibition.
— In case of violation of conduct rules at the exhibition, Organizers have a right to stop visit of this group of students with further refusal to visit the exhibition by this educational institution, including the next years.
— groups of students ARE NOT ADMITTED to the Moscow Bar Show exhibition.

Children can visit exhibition with adults only.

All areas of culinary competitions are open for free visiting, there is no need to buy additional tickets.

ONLY AMATEUR photo- and video recording for private use is permitted at the exhibition,provided that the following rules of conduct will be observed:

— Do not cause interference to participants of competition, jury, hosts of events and other exhibition visitors;
— Do not use the flash-light;
— Do not enter the enclosed area for holding events;
— Do not touch the goods of participants;

Professional photo- and video recording IS PROHIBITED without accreditation in media center.

Distribution of promotional and informational products, holding presentations, demonstrations, agitations and any similar events without the Organizer’s written consent are PROHIBITED.

Exhibitor has a right to deny participation in tasting to the visitor at his/her own discretion without assigning any reasons.

Smoking in the exhibition rooms, WC and halls of Crocus Expo IEC are strictly PROHIBITED.

The workers of Organizer and exhibition security service have a right not to admit the following persons:

— antisocial persons;
— persons in untidy clothes;
— persons with wheeled carts, carryalls, packages, etc;
— persons with the signs of alcoholic and other intoxication;
— persons conducting themselves aggressively and who constitute the potential threat to the visitors of the exhibition and exhibitors;

The security service officers have the right to require from a visitor to show his/her personal belongings for examination without violation of his rights and legal interests.

In case of violation of these Rules, Organizer has a right to deny in visiting of the exhibition to a visitor who committed a violation, without any compensation, and to demand him/her to leave the exhibition territory.


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Address of exhibition: Moscow, 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road Trade and exhibition complex «Crocus City», «Crocus Expo IEC»

Subway station: «Myakinino»

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The actual address: Moscow, 3rd Yamskogo polya str., estate 2, building 26, 1d floor, office 106.

Mail address: 125124, Moscow, p.o. 48

Telephone/Fax: +7 (495) 637-94-40

E-mail: info@pir.ru

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